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Gas Boiler Glasgow

If you're in need of a gas boiler Glasgow, you've found the right place! This is the spot where you’ll get the best boilers in Glasgow!

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We’re here to help you choose the best boiler in Glasgow. Whether you're considering installing a combi or a conventional heat-only boiler, choosing the right one for your home is important. Here, you'll learn about the different choices and which will work best for your home.

You can choose between a conventional heat-only, or a compact combination boiler when choosing a new Glasgow boiler for your home.

The age of your current heating system and the pressure of your main water supply are crucial considerations when determining which option is best for your home.

Here comes the question: Should you stick with the boiler you have now or switch to a different type? Let’s find out…

The type of Glasgow boiler that is most suitable for your home depends on the answers to a number of questions, such as:

  • How many people will be using the hot water?
  • How many rooms are in the house?
  • How many radiators are on the central heating system?


    Now, let’s learn about the two types of boilers we provide so you can understand what suits your living conditions. We deal with these two types of boilers - combi boilers and conventional boilers.

    Xpress Combi Glasgow Boiler

     A combination boiler, or combi boiler, is a single machine that heats your home and delivers hot water. The efficiency and compactness of combination boilers have contributed to their rise in popularity.

    They are the most common type of boiler replacement in the United Kingdom and are considered the holy grail of heating. You may have a long, high-pressure shower without waiting for the water to heat up, as the water is heated on demand.

    Apart from that, combi boilers have gained popularity for several other reasons:

    • They are incredibly convenient, as they can be installed in a standard kitchen cupboard, making them an excellent space-saving option
    • They only heat the water that is needed, saving energy and reducing bills

    However, you should remember that the lack of a second hot water cylinder with an immersion heater means that if the boiler were to fail, you would be without hot water until the problem was fixed.

    Another thing to consider is that if you have a larger home with several bathrooms, you may need a combi boiler to meet your hot water requirements.

    Despite these limitations, combi boilers remain a popular choice for many in the UK due to their convenience and energy efficiency.

    If you are considering a combi boiler for your home, speak with a qualified heating engineer to ensure it is the right choice. That’s what Xpress Boiler Solutions is here for!

    Xpress Conventional Glasgow Boiler

    Conventional boilers are also known as "regular" or heat-only boilers. The boiler, a separate hot water storage cylinder, and a cold water storage tank are the three primary parts of a standard or heat-only boiler system.

    Larger homes with higher hot water demands, such as those with numerous bathrooms, are better suited to heat-only boilers because of their more powerful flow rate.

    They're ideal for older heating systems that can't handle the pressure of a closed system because they are accustomed to getting water supplied at lower pressure from the main supply.

    They are also a suitable option for places with low water pressure mains supplies, which often fail to provide the water pressure needed for combi and system boilers.

    It may take time before the water reaches the desired temperature if you have an older boiler, and some modern heating systems are not compatible with older or conventional heat-only boilers in Glasgow. A cistern in the attic is prone to freezing during the winter, and if it leaks, it can be problematic. Furthermore, effective heating can be lost if you fail to insulate the boiler properly.

    It is important to remember that the boiler's water tank and cylinder will require some additional storage space. It may be difficult to situate the boiler in a convenient location due to the need to build the cold-water cistern directly above it. It also needs proper protection from climatic elements to ensure it doesn’t corrode.

    Now, that you know which Glasgow boiler does what and how, I think you’re ready to decide which one to install in your bathroom. If you still need some help, contact us right now!

    Why should you choose Xpress Boiler Solutions?

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    We can all agree that replacing an old gas boiler in Glasgow with a newer, more efficient model is the right way to go if you want to enjoy years of reliable service and significant cost savings.

    Xpress Boiler Solutions has a boiler for every budget, and our work is quality assured. Contact us today to arrange your free, no-obligation quote and discover why we're the preferred choice for boiler installations and servicing in Scotland.

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