Gas Boiler Installation Glasgow

Your home's heating is reliant on its boiler. People tend to make hasty decisions when purchasing a new boiler, because in most cases, it is needed in an emergency, preventing you from spending the right time on this important decision. In order to get a new boiler, several factors must be carefully taken into account. If you're considering getting a new gas boiler for installation in Glasgow or elsewhere in Scotland, contact Xpress Boiler Solutions for a reliable, affordable solution.

How long does a gas boiler installation in Glasgow take?

The time required to install a new boiler depends on many factors, but it typically takes 1-2 days.

The process of a gas boiler installation in Glasgow may take up to three days if you replace an old-style boiler with a gas combi boiler. However, installing a complete system with radiators could take up to six days – potentially longer if you choose an oil boiler over a gas boiler.

At Xpress Boiler Solutions, we will ask you to provide details about your property before installation to determine the complexity of the work, and how long we anticipate it will take. This way, we can ensure you are aware of the cost and ready for our visit.


    The process of the gas boiler installation in Glasgow:

    To give you an idea of what will happen during one of our boiler installations, Xpress Boiler Solutions follows a three-step process as described below:

    1. Request a free quote:

    To arrange for one of our skilled engineers to assess your case so we can provide a quote, send us your requirement at or call us at 0141 353 9365.

    2. Installing a boiler:

    As soon as you’ve approved our quote, we'll start the process of gas boiler installation in Glasgow.

    3. Files delivered to you:

    Once the installation is done, we will send you all the necessary information along with the warranty policy.

    Considerations to make before buying a new gas boiler:

    What are the required output and size?

    This is, without a doubt, the most important thing to consider before purchasing a new boiler. The boiler's power output reflects its ability to meet the hot water demands of your home, which will depend on how many bathrooms and radiators you have. Homes requiring more central heating will need boilers with increased kW output.

    For a comfortable fit, the new boiler's size and output must also coincide with the measurements of your home.

    • Boilers with a capacity of 24-27 kW are appropriate for homes with 1-2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 10 radiators.
    • 28-34 kW boilers are suitable for homes with three to four bedrooms, one to two bathrooms, and fifteen radiators.
    • 35-42 kW boilers are appropriate for homes with four or more bedrooms, more than two bathrooms, and 20 radiators.

    Where do you want your boiler to be?

    Consider a suitable location before buying a new gas boiler for installation in Glasgow because it will affect the aesthetics of your house. Even though installing a boiler in the same area as your old one could save you time and money, there may be better locations in your home. If you need help regarding the best spot for your new boiler, we can provide you with the best advice.

    How trustworthy is it?

    Due to the inconvenience and high repair costs associated with boiler breakdowns, you should purchase a dependable new boiler. As a reliable boiler doesn’t need regular repairs, you won't have to shiver in the dark while scraping cash together for a boiler repair.

    Does it require less energy?

    You can save money on gas bills by using an energy-efficient boiler. Another advantage of energy-efficient boilers is that you can adjust your preferred level of heating for maximum comfort.

    Even after considering all of these aspects, you should still consult our experts before buying a new gas boiler for installation in Glasgow to get their insight.

    Why should you purchase a new boiler?

    If your boiler is 10 to 15 years old, it may be time to opt for a new gas boiler installation in Glasgow. Other signs that indicate it might be time to get a new boiler include:

    • If you want your new boiler to be installed at a different location of the house so that you can benefit from central heating that is more energy efficient. In such a case, it can be a good idea to upgrade your boiler system
    • If you discover that your current system is unable to meet your hot water and heating demands. It's time to contact us for gas boiler installation in Glasgow
    • It makes sense for you to purchase a boiler with higher energy efficiency ratings if you currently use one that has a low rating. By doing this, you can reduce your energy costs and take advantage of various government policies
    • Compared to homes with outdated, inefficient boilers, installing a new boiler could increase the value of your home, and attract more potential buyers or tenants
    • If purchasing a new boiler outright is more affordable than repairing your old boiler

    Signs that your boiler might need replacing:

    1. Your boiler makes popping or banging sounds each time you attempt to start it
    2. Your rooms are cold or not heating as they are supposed to
    3. Water or gas is leaking from your boiler
    4. Your boiler often needs repairs

    Which one is ideal for your house?

    Boilers come in two main categories, each with advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the boiler type that is most suitable for your home by being informed about the different types.

    Which boiler types are there?

    Boilers come in two varieties:

    1. Combi boiler
    2. Conventional boiler

    When you want to go for gas boiler installation in Glasgow, you should choose a boiler type depending on your hot water requirements, the available space, energy efficiency and whether or not you have a gas connection.

    1.   Combi boiler

    Combi boilers are a perfect option if you rent or own a small flat. Combination boilers, as their name suggests, instantly produce hot water and heat, and require no waiting time to get fired up.

    Compared to other types, combi boilers are smaller, and are therefore, ideal for smaller properties. You don't need to run the hot water before using it because it does not store water. Combi boilers typically cost less than other models, despite their higher efficiency. Compared to other gas boilers, combi gas boiler installation in Glasgow is quick, affordable, and simple.

    However, combi boilers may display weak flow rates if you have a large family where many outlets are used at once. Combi boilers aren't the best option if the pipe entering the property is less than 22 mm in diameter because their performance depends on pipe diameter.

    2.   Conventional boiler

    Conventional boilers are suitable for homes with an open-vented heating system because they require hot water storage. They provide rapid hot water availability and high faucet water flow rates, which works best for power showers and makes it simple to heat and use large amounts of water.

    They have the disadvantage of requiring more parts and pipework. Additionally, they are more expensive money to install than other boilers and, if the cistern is not placed high enough, may experience low pressure.

    These are perfect gas boilers for installation in Glasgow for larger homes or homes with high hot water demand. Additionally, you will need to install the same type when replacing a conventional boiler or an outdated radiator system.

    Why choose Xpress Boiler Solutions?

    At Xpress Boiler Solutions, we are a team of expert boiler installers in Glasgow and Scotland with over 30 years of experience in repairing and installing boilers. We will walk you through each step of selecting the best boiler for your needs and provide you with a no-obligation quote. We charge as little as £2,000 for a new gas boiler installation in Glasgow, which includes a minimum warranty of 5/15 years. Our boiler services are top-notch, with no hidden extra costs, and we have a boiler for every budget! Contact us today if you want a new gas boiler for installation in Glasgow.