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New Boiler Glasgow

Are you looking for a new boiler in Glasgow? Then you’re in the right place! Welcome to Xpress Boiler Solutions - Glasgow’s most trusted name for boiler installation and plumbing solutions.

Boilers are essential to keep our homes warm and comfortable, especially in Glasgow’s chilly climate. Over the years, boiler technology has significantly progressed, with more efficient and sustainable boilers coming up every day. Investing in a new boiler in Glasgow with improved efficiency will pay for itself quickly in the form of saved energy bills and provide years of trouble-free service.

Why Should You Get A New Boiler In Glasgow?

Let's explore the key differences between an old and a new boiler in Glasgow.

  • Heating efficiency

Old boilers are notorious for wasting a considerable amount of energy. In contrast, new boilers are designed to be highly efficient, often boasting an energy efficiency rating of 90% or more. This means that modern boilers convert a more significant proportion of fuel into usable heat, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills.

  • Environmental impact

Old boilers are generally less environmentally friendly, emitting higher levels of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. On the other hand, a new boiler in Glasgow with its advanced combustion technology reduces emissions, resulting in a significantly smaller carbon footprint.


      • Reliability

      Old boilers, particularly those nearing the end of their lifespan, tend to be less reliable, with frequent breakdowns and costly repairs. In contrast, new boilers are built using improved components, ensuring greater reliability and reduced maintenance. They also come with extended warranties, providing homeowners with peace of mind.

      • Heating control

      Old boilers often lack sophisticated heating controls, making regulating and optimising temperatures in different rooms difficult. With a new boiler in Glasgow, you get advanced control systems, including smart thermostats and zoning capabilities. These allow you to set specific temperatures for different areas and rooms, optimising comfort and efficiency.

      • Safety

      With a new boiler in Glasgow, you get enhanced safety features, including flame failure protection, pressure relief valves, and built-in carbon monoxide detectors. These measures prevent hazardous situations and ensure the well-being of a household’s occupants.

      Your Options To Get A New Boiler In Glasgow

      When it comes to getting a new boiler in Glasgow, you can choose from either a conventional or combi model.

      While conventional gas boilers are still available, combi boilers are the best choice for modern homes due to their higher efficiency and smaller size. Combi boilers are currently the most popular boilers used in UK homes.

      Let’s learn about each of these categories in detail to help you decide which one you should choose when looking for a new boiler in Glasgow.

      Conventional Boiler

      Conventional boilers, commonly called heat-only or regular boilers, represent a tried and true method of supplying hot water and heating.

      Conventional boilers rely on a water tank in the loft to feed them with cold water, ensuring adequate water pressure. When heating is required, cold water flows into the boiler and is heated there by a heat exchanger. Subsequently, the hot water is pumped to a storage cylinder, awaiting your command to activate the hot water tap or central heating system.

      There are two variations of conventional boilers: sealed and open-vented. Sealed systems operate independently from the heating ecosystem, thus eliminating the need for a feed and expansion tank. On the other hand, open-vented systems require a feed and expansion tank to manage water loss due to leakage or evaporation.

      Conventional boilers remain a reliable and efficient solution if you need a new boiler in Glasgow, standing the test of time in providing warmth and comfort to your home.

      What are they good for?

      • A new conventional boiler in Glasgow is your perfect choice for high water demand and heating larger homes and rentals
      • Separate units for heating and storage make it easier to repair and maintain parts individually
      • Separated units make it cost-friendly to maintain and replace as well
      • A separate storage unit means that even if your boiler is down, you can get a tank full of hot water as a backup
      • In 2024, these gas boilers have become much more efficient than before, with an efficiency of around 98%.

      Combi Boiler

      Combi boilers are the best option for home heating because they provide hot water on demand. To supply both domestic hot water and central heating, a combi boiler incorporates not one but two heat exchangers, each of which is connected to its own set of pipes. This prevents the water from mixing but still allows it to heat the home.

      When you turn on the hot water tap, the combi boiler automatically activates the heat exchanger. You need to adjust the thermostat or use the controls to start the boiler's central heating system and warm the house's radiators.

      Some combi boilers are so compact that they can be easily stored in a kitchen cupboard, provided the cupboard is located on an exterior wall so the boiler exhaust can be fitted through the wall. The energy efficiency rating for heating water with a combi boiler is 94%, which is very high.

      When picking this type as your new boiler in Glasgow, there are many things to consider, such as the size of your home, how much hot water you use, your needs (like how patient you are if you want a quick bath), and, of course, your budget.

      What are they good for?

      • They are much more energy efficient than conventional heating systems
      • Compact size and single-unit design make them perfect for small houses
      • A combi boiler provides your central heating system and hot water in one whole unit, eliminating the need for a cylinder to store hot water

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