Considering that approximately 60 per cent of your annual energy bills are from heating, it's fair to say that having an efficient boiler can make a big difference.

All modern boilers will be more efficient than boilers made many years ago, mainly because they are now all condensing boilers. Condensing boilers have a large heat exchanger so they recover more heat, send cooler gases up the flue and are more efficient.

In condensing boilers the flue gases can get so cool that the water vapour in the gases condenses out, and even more energy is recovered from the condensing vapour.

The savings you can make depend on your level of consumption and boiler age, and in many cases where the savings are significant a new boiler can quickly pay for itself.

There are also maintenance savings when you have a new boiler that is under warranty, so when this is factored in, changing to a new boiler makes a lot of sense if you're keen to save money.

Expected Annual Savings
Old boiler ratingSemi-detached houseDetached houseDetached bungalowMid terrace houseMid floor flat
G (<70%)£215£350£180£175£95
F (70-74%)£145£240£125£120£65
E (74-78%)£115£190£95£95£50
D (78-82%)£85£140£70£70£35
Old Boiler ratingSemi-detached house
G (<70%)£215
F (70-74%)£145
E (74-78%)£115
D (78-82%)£85

Old boiler ratingDetached house
G (<70%)£350
F (70-74%)£240
E (74-78%)£190
D (78-82%)£140

Old boiler ratingDetached bungalow
G (<70%)£180
F (70-74%)£125
E (74-78%)£95
D (78-82%)£70

Old boiler ratingMid terraced house
G (<70%)£175
F (70-74%)£120
E (74-78%)£95
D (78-82%)£70

Old boiler ratingMid terraced house
G (<70%)£175
F (70-74%)£120
E (74-78%)£95
D (78-82%)£70

*Figures taken from Energy Savings Trust website

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